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June 1 - Boyd and Marina visited a primary school to teach the kids about Science and using fruitflies as a genetic model. A week before Boyd had also visited another school. For pictures go to the Gallery.

May 14-20 - Laura and Annette presented a poster and talk at the 2022 Fragile X and Autism-Related Disorders Conference GRC and 2022 Fragile X and Autism-Related Disorders (GRS) Seminar GRC.

May 15-17 - Marina and Boyd presented posters at the Cell Symposium on The Biology of Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Sitges, Spain.

May 11-14 - Annette virtually presented a talk on "Translational Studies into Sleep Disturbance in Neurodevelopmental Disorders – of Mechanisms and Treatment Strategies" at INSAR.

April 3 Mireia got selected for the 2022-2024 cohort of Early Career Leadership Program of the Genetics Society of America (GSA). She will serve in the Community and Membership Engagement Subcommittee. A huge honor!

March 13-18 - Annette, Mireia, and Lara joined the Gordon's Sleep Conference where Mireia gave a super-received talk on "The CHD8/CHD7/Kismet Family Links Blood-Brain Barrier Glia and Serotonin to ASD-Associated Sleep Defects"

March 17 - Marina and Boyd have presented their work during the annual Donders Poster session.

January 13 - New read from our lab is available from Preprints: "Genetics, Molecular Control and Clinical Relevance of Habituation Learning" (read here)


December 3 - We had an amazing (virtual) sinterklaas evening with the lab!

November 25 - On the network and education event of the EAA (Erfelijke en Aangeboren Aandoeningen), Lara presented her sleep research as part of the theme "fenomenen in de nacht".

November 4 - Laura and Annette joined the annual meeting of the CRE-NCD and GoLD consortia. Through this international and multidisciplinary network, our fruitfly models contribute to better understanding of genetic diagnoses. (read)

October 19 - Annette and collaborators Loes Segerink and Kerensa Broersen (UT) have been awarded a TURBO grant for their proposal "A Translational pipeline to better understand Blood-Brain Barrier defectsin Autism and beyond - from Drosophila to the BBB on-chip (TurBBBo)". YEEY!! (read)

October 12 - We welcome Marije to the lab crew! Marije will work with us as a student assistant, taking care of practical and organisational lab tasks.

September 15 - After 1.5 years Corona-break, the team attended the Dutch-Belgian Drosophila meeting in Leuven. We were represented with several posters. Thank you for the interesting meeting!

August 31 - Human Riahi defended his PhD hesis entitled: "Transcriptional and physiological adaptation in response to environmental changes: G9a regulating stress tolerance depends on metabolic homeostasis". Congrats Doktor Riahi!

August 13 - After nearly 2 years Sabbatical, the lab says goodbye to Paul Lasko. Thank you Paul for your all your input. We hope to see you soon again! (read)

August 11 - Chiara Pignato joins our lab for her internship. She will learn as many awesome techniques from our Drosophila toolbox as possible. Welcome Chiara!

July - two news items in Spectrum are featuring our work on sleep disturbances in Autism spectrum disorders

June 4 - New study out in Science Advances entitled: "The CHD8/CHD7/Kismet family links blood-brain barrier glia and serotonin to ASD-associated sleep defects" (*Nederlands*)

May 25 - Kevin Lüthy is leaving the group. He will be starting up a new faculty at the university of Bielefeld, Germany. Good luck Kevin!

May 24 - New study out in BMC Biology entitled: "The epigenetic regulator G9a attenuates stress-induced resistance and metabolic transcriptional programs across different stressors and species".

April 23 - Michaela Fenckova is leaving the group. She will be starting up her own research group at the university of České Budějovice. We wish you all the best Misha!

March 16 - Euginia Singgih brilliantly defended her doctoral studies entitled: "Biological insights into candidate genes for ADHD and related neurodevelopmental disorders: lessons learned from Drosophila".


November 1 - We welcome our new PhD-colleague Boyd van Reijmersdal!

October 1 - We welcome our new PhD-colleague Marina Boon!

September 21- Annette is appointed full professor! She will take the chair of Translational Genomics of Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

February 20 - Annette is awarded the prestigious Dutch personal grant 'VICI' to further investigate habituation learning as a translational readout in (genetic) neurodevelopmental disorders!

Media coverage and public outreach


Contribution to a popular science article about smaller animal models to study autism: What studying worms, flies and fish says about autism | Spectrum | Autism Research News (


Article in the Dutch Magazin ZeldSamen (network for rare genetic disorders), November 2020 Edition: Onderzoek naar Slaap by zeldsame syndromen, by Lara van Renssen, Annette Schenck, Tjitske Kleefstra

News items on Donders news and Radboudumc webpages on Vici grant, Professorship, awared membership of Academia Europaea (03/2020, 06/2020, 09/2020, 10/2020, 12/2020)

The 2018 contribution to klokhuis re-aired!


Article in the Dutch Magazin Analyse, December 2019 Edition: De fruitvlieg als model voor verstandelijke beperking en autisme spectrum stoornis – klein proefdier, groot nut, by Laura E.R. Blok, Irene Janssen, Annette Schenck


Interview and editing of double page article about success of Drosophila as a model in the popular national newspaper Trouw

Klokhuis, popular dutch children TV show, Special on ‘Disease research in fruitflies’:


BBC documentary ‘ADHD and Me’ with Rory Bremner featuring our ADHD Drosophila models


‘World of Drosophila models of brain disorders’ at the Donders open door day; numerous demos and presentations for the general public


Researchers in the class room’ at Wetenschapsknooppunt of Radboud University (WKRU), communicating science to children at basic schools

Klokhuis, popular dutch children TV show. ‘Where are all the fruit flies coming from?’: (8’30’’-12’15’’)


Full page article about our research in the popular national newspaper NRC Handelsblad

Extensive media coverage for PLoS Genetics article: interviews in national radio and television shows (Labyrint Radio 1, Studio Max Live), and articles in international magazines and numerous webpages.

Dutch television show "Klokhuis" visited our lab in 2015 and 2018