Translational genomics of neurodevelopmental disorders

Welcome to our lab site! 

We are a highly motivated and interdisciplinary research team that focuses on dissecting molecular networks and mechanisms underlying human brain function and disease, using the fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster as a model. Here you can read more about what we do.

We are based in the Department of Human Genetics at Radboudumc in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In addition, we are embedded in the multidisciplinary Donders institute of Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour, which allows us to operate across disciplines. 

Recent highlights

November - Laura participates in "NWO Insight Out | Connecting women in STEM" for three Thursdays in Nov.

November 24  - our work and incubators were featured in LABinsights: a magazine with hands-on information for research analists and lab managers.  

November 2 - Boyd and Marina attended the collaborative Donders event  and Marina pitched about our current effort and ideas related to modelling sensory processing profiles of neurodevelopmental disorders in Drosophila

November 2 - The Dutch FoxP1 meeting! Mireia and Annette present our work.

October 27 - Fly lab fun day, we went to the Burgers' Zoo!

October 9 - Marina attended the "Nationale Wetenschapscommunicatiedag", the Dutch National Science Communication day, by NWO/VSC in Eindhoven.

More news here

Events we look forward to

December 13 - Every lab member has drawn a name of a fellow and will prepare a poem and a present for our Sinterklaas evening.

January - We will welcome Spencer Jones, a new post-doc, in the group!

Jan/Feb - Both Laura and Mireia are expecting offspring! We hope to welcome two beautiful, healthy babies to the fly group family.