Translational genomics of neurodevelopmental disorders

Welcome to our lab site! 

We are a highly motivated and interdisciplinary research team that focuses on dissecting molecular networks and mechanisms underlying human brain function and disease, using the fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster as a model. Here you can read more about what we do.

We are based in the Department of Human Genetics at Radboudumc in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In addition, we are embedded in the multidisciplinary Donders institute of Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour, which allows us to operate across disciplines. 

Recent highlights

February 14+16 - Stella, Adela, and Boyd attend the ITHACA meeting on genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. Lara will go to the consensus meeting for the first Kleefstra syndrome clinical guideline. Both at ErasmusMC in Rotterdam.

January 29 - Zubi Govers started her internship with Boyd, Matthijs Klunder with Marina, and Merli Kreshpani with Stella! Welcome in our lab!

January 26 - Laura and Willem welcomed their daugther Pleun into this world! Congratulations!! 💗

January 20 - We were delighted to hear of the birth of Ton! Congratulations Rick and Mireia!! 💙 

January 8 - Spencer Jones joined the group as a post-doc. Welcome Spencer!

More news here

Events we look forward to

March 13 - The Dutch Neurodevelopmental Disorders Day in Nijmegen. Annette is co-hosting and  registration is free!

Sept 2-6 - Neurofly 2024! The lab will travel to Birmingham  to connect with all neuroscience fly researchers at this exciting conference.

Sept 18 - The Lowlands Fly meeting in Amsterdam. We look forward to meeting all Drosophilists from The Netherlands and Belgium again!