lab Members

Annette Schenck
Full Professor

Strives to do cool science relevant to patients with Neurodevelopmental disorders.

Loves flies, her group, and her family. 

Franziska Kampshoff

Likes to go for a swim, and has a healthy passion for baking. 

Mireia Coll Tané

Sleep in Drosophila models of chromatinopathies

Loves to travel around the world, her dog Willow, and handcrafting. 

Laura Blok
PhD candidate

Drosophila and human habituation in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Enjoys hiking and camping, and believes you can never have enough plants. 

Lara van Renssen
PhD candidate

Sleep of people and flies with neurodevelopmental syndromes

Also passionate about rowing and visiting the zoo. 

Jingyi (Adela) Long

PhD candidate

Epilepsy and sleep

Likes to share delicious snacks and help "gaining weight". On weekends, she explores the Netherlands! 

Marina Boon
PhD candidate

Adult phenotypic reversibility of learning deficits in ID/ASD models

Loves her cat Semi, lives in a plant jungle, and enjoys eating her way through different cultures. 

Boyd van Reijmersdal
PhD candidate

Identifying common therapies for groups of rare neurodevelopmental disorders

Likes to ride bikes and discover good music. 

Jie (Stella) Han
PhD candidate

Spencer Jones

Modelling regression in Kleefstra Syndrome


Enjoys travelling, visiting art museums, and making music with his band ‘remember whales’. 

Nicholas Raun

Ralitsa (Riley) Petrova
Student Assistant 

Melanie de Wit
Student Assistant

Loves reading, good food, doing cool science, and cuddling with cats.

Owns a lot of plants.

Mehrdad Maghbouli

Variabilty of the habituation phenotype

Loves listening to podcasts about history and politics.

Zubi Aimee Govers

Master's student Medical Human Biology. 

Loves spending time with friends (especially cooking diner), watching Netflix and traveling during the holidays. 

Merli Kreshpani

Sleep disturbances in ASH1L/ash1 syndrome 

Cooking is my happy place.

I provide the world with cat cuddles and chaotic energy.

Matthijs Klunder

Drosophila habituation improvement by genetic rescue of ID/ASD orthologs.


Loves cycling as fast as possible, coffee and science fiction.

Niek Sluiters (on picture)
Lab support

Lab support

Sarah Stephenson

Affiliated researcher

Team leader Neurogenetics

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Melbourne, Australia


I basically do everything. Without me, everybody above me is completely lost. 

The fly food is yummie though, so not complaining.


They see me crawling, they hatin' 

Our Alumni

Prof. Paul Lasko (Radboud Excellence professorship)

Kevin Lüthy (Post-doc)

Michaela Fenckova (Post-doc)

Monique van der Voet (Post-doc)

Prof. Christiane Zweier (Guest researcher)

Jamie Kramer (Post-Doc)

Eiko de Jong (Post-Doc)

Euginia Singgih (PhD)

Ilse Eidhof (PhD)

Sarah Foriel (PhD)

Benjamin Harich (PhD)

Human Riahi Asl (PhD)

Benjamin Harich (PhD)

Tom Koemans (PhD)

Anna Castells-Nobau (PhD)

Bonnie Nijhof (PhD)

Korinna Kochinke (PhD)

Merel Oortveld (PhD)

Caroline Vogels (Technician)

Irene Janssen (Technician)

Jolanda de Gooyert (Technician)

Barbara Hulssen (Student Assistant)

Chiara Pignato (Student Assistant)

Marije Asbreuk (Student Assistant)

Nikky Kaptein (labsupport via Pluryn)

Carswell Werleman (labsupport via Pluryn)

Tom van de Broek (labsupport via Pluryn)


Internship students: 

Hester Vogelaar

Beheshta Popal

Adam Lo-Fo-Wong

Melanie de Wit

Eveline Francis

Isabel Quak

Renée Schepers

Kai Prins

Sanne Papeleu

Ana Serna

Chiara Pignato

Laura Winkler

Jonathan Feenstra

Lara Gerding

Kira Hoeffer

Jessica Luyckx

Janne Knuiman 

Ella Najlah

Izel Erdogan

Christos Sougklakos

Ella Najlah

Emma Brinkmann

Alina Krebbers

Cas Boshoven

Isabel Terwindt

Lisa van Ninhuys

Lise Verkooijen

Lisa van Ninhuys

Sheren Christine

Lejla Koco

Rik Scharn